18k gold yellow leaf lever back earring with south sea pearl and diamond


The unique and beautiful design of his jewelry received rave reviews from overseas prior to local market. This jewelry gets design inspiration from the beauty of the natural objects. By adding a gradient effect utilizing a patented plating technology, rich sense of volume and soft image achieved and enabled to express new and luxury effect on the products. As a result, the leading countries in Europe in the jewelry market, amazed at the this products, and recognizing her as one of the entry of world's leading luxury brand.

Due to their nature, no two pearls are alike. Pearls will vary in color, shape and overtone. Dimples, birthmarks, surface imperfections may be present and speak to their nature making each pearl unique.

All weights and measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from listed information as below:

  • Item Code:G1021E
  • Jewelry Type:earring
  • Color:yellow
  • Metal Type:18K Gold
  • Gemstone: dia 0.28 CTW
  • Measurement: 1 3/8'x3/4' (W by L)
  • Pearl Size:10-11mm

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